Women "Crazy"

16 Infuriating Things Men Do That Make Women “Crazy”

2. He only texts and never calls.

I get that this isn’t the ’50s and there are other modes of communication, but for Pete’s sake, guys, pick up the phone and call a girl. You have no idea how happy it will make her, and also, if you actually like her, then you’ll probably want to hear voice. But continue to only text her and she’s going to break/freakout/”have a talk” with you about it — the three words no one wants to hear. Ever.

3. He waits too long to text back in between messages.

There’s a thing called momentum, and if you don’t keep it up while you’re dating, things fizzle. Relationships are work — they’re not going to just happen. And don’t give me the “I was busy” excuse. Everyone is busy, and we both know you weren’t in a meeting without your phone for seven hours.

4. He texts you nonstop for a week, but then falls off the map.

No, literally, where did you go? I know you have your phone in your left hand even when you’re holding your member with your right as you pee, or you sleep with it under your pillow (which, turns out, is super-dangerous). So, really, there are no excuses for lack of response. Cue you feeling crazy.

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