Here Are 14 Simple Ways Women Can Make Men Go Crazy

Here Are 14 Simple Ways Women Can Make Men Go Crazy

But does your man feel this way? Chances are, he most probably doesn’t. And even if sometimes he may indulge in such jokes, he most likely doesn’t really believe in them. However, if you want to be doubly sure that your man never ever feels stifled in your relationship, here are fourteen things you can do that will not just convince him that you want nothing other than for him to be happy, but also drive him crazy!

1. Throw Pretense Out Of The Window

When you are around him, always be the real you, not the person you want him to believe you are. Trust me, that’s the only way it should ever be in a relationship. When you are the truest version of you with him, you will also get the truest version of him because it really is a two-way street! And that is the only way you’ll ever be able to figure out if you guys belong together for the long haul or not. Oh, and did I mention that he will just love you for it? Because fakeness fades, but realness just keeps getting better and better!

2. Show Him That You Respect Yourself

Self-respect works like a charm. I mean, how else do you show the other person how to love you, unless you love yourself, right?

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