9 Ways How to Reply Someone’s Who Says Miss You But You Don’t

The framework
Ask yourself, what find I fun to do? Have a answer? Good! I assume you still want to meet the person in question. Call/text him up and explain. “Ey mate, lets do XXX” Where XXX is what ever it is that came out of the question you asked yourself. Tell him, I see it as catch up time so come over lets do that! If he says, “Nah, I don’t like so”. Then, start asking “is this person really a friend?”. The last question deserves its own post, on how to deal with that!

There are several inoffensive reactions you can have:
1.There is no need to reply.

2. If the other person is persistent you can remind them when you will see each other again, such as, “We’re gonna see each other in less than three months. We should plan a night out!” or something like that.

3. If they outright ask, “do you miss me too?” then you can (and should) be truthful. You can tell them “I’m sorry you miss me…that must be stressful. But honestly, I’ve been so busy with this project (or selling my house, or my sick mom or whatever you’re busy with) that I don’t have time to miss anyone.” Or if you don’t miss them because of something they did, let them know gently and tell them you miss who you wish they were, such as, “I miss the way you used to treat me so sweetly, before you started taking me for granted, and if when we see each other again you are that sweet, kind person again that I once knew, then I’m sure I will miss you when we are apart again.” This scenario actually happened to me about a month ago and it turned out well. I had to choose my words carefully so as not to hurt this person, but exercising kindness and speaking the truth is always the best way to go and certainly a healthy way to lead your life.

4. If this someone is an ex and of course, you have broken things off, remind them of the fact. Clearly, say that part of your lives is over if that’s what you want. If its just a friend, just say something like it’s nice to see them again, or talk about a fond memory.

5. Why don’t you just stop talking to them altogether on that level? Be honest and explain you aren’t interested in more than friendly banter and anything more makes you uncomfortable.

6. I guess if you don’t miss them , then don’t say anything. I guess you can be avoidant of replies, your time and not making plans with them, and or just say that your schedules full. Here’s a kind reply ” thanks for thinking of me”, or ‘That’s sweet”.

7. If it’s an ex over the phone, than don’t reply at all. That is a typical line for many ex lovers to start a conversation in hopes of getting back into your life, even through a simple chat. Any response at all, even negative, would be giving them exactly what they want: your attention.

8. If it’s face to face just smile and quickly change the subject to something pleasant like a memory you guys shared that you both recall as positive but not so involved in eachother. That way you are not really saying I miss you but you are acknowledging that they were a part of your life. Just don’t get emotional about the memory or else that is kind of the same thing as saying I miss you.

9. You can counter with, “Well I’m glad I ran into you”, or “Thanks – I’m glad we ran into each other” or “It has been a while since we got together, isn’t it?” Use your own words, and change them depending on the circumstances.

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