10 Best Cameras for Taking Pet Photos Like the Pros

Not only do I reveal the best cameras for pet photos, but I’ll share some features your camera should definitely have.

A few weeks ago, I decided to work on my holiday greeting cards. I am one of “those” quasi-creative types. I like to design original cards for friends and family. This year I planned to produce really cute cards that feature my dogs. All five of them — yes, I dream big!

I managed to get everyone bathed, brushed and looking good. The day was sunny — perfect for the photo shoot. I took my camera, a bag of treats, some interesting props and we jumped in to the project.

Several hours later, my memory card was filled with pictures of dog tongues, teeth, eyes and various portions of their heads, paws, legs and tails. Not one decent holiday cover among them.

How hard could it be to photograph five spirited, curious dogs? Very hard! What I needed was better equipment.

The following are some features you’ll definitely want from a camera used to take amazing pictures of your pets. Then, near the end of this post, I’ll reveal my list of the 10 best cameras for pet photos.

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