10 Best Cameras for Taking Pet Photos Like the Pros

Ready. Shoot. Aim!

“Ready, shoot, aim” is an appropriate formula for photographing pets. Animals typically do not sit still, they do not pose easily, and they absolutely will not recreate that super shot you just missed while fiddling with camera settings.

Plan to take lots and lots of pictures just to get one good print. For that reason, a digital camera is a must. Digital photography provides the ability to immediately preview your pictures. You can delete the shots you aren’t happy with before you spend a lot of time and money developing prints.

Choose a digital camera with a rechargeable battery, a backup battery and a memory card with lots of storage.

In a Flash

A digital camera with a flash is a good consideration for general photography. Experts depend on flash photography when lighting is insufficient and to control subject definition.

A flash will not be a great option if your pets are easily spooked by bright lights or sudden motion. A scared dog hunkered behind the furniture does not create the “Kodak Moment.”

Choose a digital camera with ISO setting controls. When possible, use natural light.

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