7 Best Waterproof Cameras for Your Next Summer Adventure

The Pacific is warming up and June gloom is officially over, creating the perfect temps for a dip in the ocean. Whether you’re snorkeling, kayaking the Cove, scuba diving, or just swimming for fun, there are always things to see underwater – from sea lions to fish and the occasional sand shark. Take a look at these 7 waterproof cameras that start at just $10 (and are all available at C&H Photo) and start capturing those moments.

1. Sony Action Cam; starting at $149

Sony’s Action Cam is one of the more affordable action cameras available that still offers features like 1080p60 recording. It has a great battery life and is built specifically to handle the outdoors – it even comes equipped with SteadyShot, an image stabilization program that makes it easier to film when biking, diving, and action-heavy adventuring.

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