The number of essays, books, and films that have been made to emphasize the importance of film photography in an age of digital images is beyond counting. Whatever point you could try and make about the value of learning to work with a machine that doesn’t immediately provide you with an image, or argument about how the different tonal qualities of various color or black and white films can’t be paralleled has been made ten times over and hundreds of times better already. We don’t want to do that. We just want to highlight what we think are 12 of the best vintage cameras for capturing those perfect moments.

Why? Because we love the quality of images these classic cameras produce, and more generally speaking, we’re fascinated by the history behind these old gadgets. Below you can find a series of cameras that are still floating around out there long after production. Of course the cameras themselves are cool, but what about the images they produce? In addition to showcasing each device, we’ve also decided to focus on images captured by each of these vintage pieces – taken by professionals and amateurs alike. A lot of these cameras can be found online and taken home for your own shooting out in the backwoods or in the city. Take a scroll through and check it out for yourself.

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