12 The Most Treacherous Hikes in the United States

The Grand Canyon’s Bright Angel Trail or: “Some Like It Hot”

It seems to be common knowledge that Arizona is boiling in summer, but for many travelers it’s not until they are exposed to the 110+ degree heat that they realize what they got themselves into. The heat does not come alone. In addition to surviving scorching temperatures, Bright Angel Trail also requires its visitors to climb 4,500 feet over the course of 9.5 miles. If you wonder what this experience feels like, imagine doing cardio in a sauna.

Conquering this trail is no easy task, and not everyone can finish it. Some 250 hikers call for rescue every year, and death has not stayed away from the trail either. After a series of lethal incidents about a decade ago, the park even had to designate a special team of rangers to keep an eye on ambitious hikers.

Denali (Mount McKinley) in Alaska Is as Wild as It Gets

Conquering North America’s highest peak might sound like an ambitious project, and that’s because it certainly is. The road to Denali’s summit is full of challenges and dangers.

In order to get to the top, you need to hack through the bush, deal with ice, withstand the winds, and pray you don’t get altitude sickness. Also, be ready for a not-so-warm welcome from the local residents, like a moose or a grizzly bear, which by far outnumber humans in this area. If you were looking for a true wilderness experience, this is it.

On average, only half of those who set out on this journey actually make it to the top, and, sadly, over 100 hikers have perished on this trail within the last century.

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