America’s 8 Most Amazing Hikes

Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota

This 277-mile trail runs from Duluth, Minnesota to the Canadian Border, and is peppered with 30 trailheads and 86 backcountry campsites, making it equally great for day hikes and overnight excursions.

Enjoy powerful views of Lake Superior as you traverse the spine of the ancient Sawtooth Mountains, skirting bluffs and cliffs, traversing rivers and waterfalls, and winding through forests of birch, aspen, maple, spruce, and balsam, all of which used by the area’s beavers to build massive natural dams. This trail is quite simply the best long hike in the country between the Continental Divide and the AT.

Coyote Gulch, Utah

On this hike through Utah’s Escalante Drainage you’ll experience a voodoo landscape of orange sand, hoodoos, arches, a natural bridge, waterfalls, Navajo rock art, springs, and wild gardens.

“This is classic red rock Southern Utah hiking,” says Skurka.

It can be done as a 12-mile day hike, but it’s best to camp a night in the canyon or two to truly appreciate all of the intricacies of the desert landscape. Bring a guidebook or a map and a compass (and know how to use them) for this hike.

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