Top 20 U.S. States for Photographers

Every state has something to offer photographers, and good photographers can make great images anywhere, but the question was asked last week in our forum what the best state is for photographers to live in. So, we dove into some numbers and had a little fun. Here’s our list….

After considering 20 different data sources, we ranked all 50 of the U.S. States from best to worst to find out where the best place is for a photographer to live. The rankings reflect the average earnings by a wedding photographer, cost of living, weather, number of national parks, the amount of tourism the state attracts given its size, ratings from a poll of readers of Improve Photography, size of national parks and number of visitors to each national park, locations of photography workshops (indicates a location worth shooting), and a determination of the vibrance of the photography community by comparing traffic to Improve Photography compared to the population of the state.

To pull the data streams together, we used data from, TheKnot, The CDC, many state tourism websites, Forbes, the Washington Post, the National Park service, the National Academy of Sciences, and others.

REMEMBER that this is not just about what state is the most beautiful. If that were the case, states like Maine would shoot up in the rankings. But it’s looking at weather, cost of living, how happy the citizens are, and many other factors as well.

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